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SHX46A05UC/40 Bosch Dishwasher leaking from bottom- vent not covered


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May 28, 2014
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More than 10 years
I've had my Bosch dishwasher leak twice in two months. It's a pretty heavy leak out the bottom of the door. The first time, I had no idea to check if the vent on the side was covered, so I was hoping that was the issue, and I hadn't seen it again in two months. The other day, it leaked again, and I checked the vent, and it was clear.

Just doing some reading, I'm guessing it might either be the bottom door gasket, the float switch or the inlet valve. I would think if any of those were faulty, it would leak pretty consistently though. I took everything apart yesterday and the gasket looked fine to me.

Anyone have any tips on how to diagnose this issue?

I'm not familiar with Bosch products, but you can read this thread of what @jeff1 mentioned in post #3:

Thank you very much Jake. I'll definitely go through the post and inspect the washer. I guess at the very least it couldn't hurt to replace the gasket. They're not that expensive. Hopefully that solves the issue.

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