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SHX5AV55UC/01 Bosch dishwasher doors dont stay shut, cycle stops.


Jan 21, 2023
Central Texas
Model Number
6-10 years
We have 2 of these units, i installed in our new house 6 years ago. They have been used and abused by our family with 9 kids, both running daily, sometimes multiple times a day. They both started leaking around the top of the door, and now they both stop working mid cycle because the door doesn't seem to latch tightly, and simply pushing the door in causes the cycle to continue.
Replacing the inner door panel and seal fixed the leak, but replacing the latch has not fixed the incomplete cycle issue. Not sure what else to replace.

One unit quit working when my 18 year old son had a temper tantrum and violently yanked the door open because he didn't like having to do dishes. The other unit seemingly started having the same symptoms on its own.

As stated, many kids in the house and they have stood on the open door, are not gentle with it. Could replacing hinges help with this?

We really like these units when they work and would like to get a few more years out of them.
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