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Jun 24, 2017
I'm not a moderator or any other authority figure here, but I'm throwing out this suggestion to see what people think.

First, here's the short version:

I'm suggesting a Forum for "simple questions" ... and yes, I know that sounds both rudimentary and silly at the same time. But I think there's merit here.
Rather than lump all similar questions into groups, I'm suggesting we open it up to putting the burden on the person with the problem. I think that makes a lot of s sense. Without going into too many details, I think it could help. Rather than lumping everyone with some vaguely similar problems into a repetitive forum of FAQs -- as they're known today, count on the person with the problem to distinguish their particular problem from the rest.

The longer version:

In my humble opinion, I think most of the users of this, and similar such forums, fall into one of three categories:
1: those with an interest in the particular products and or industries
2: those with a general interest in learning about and/or servicing their own products of this category/industry
3: those with a particular, specific problem right now, that they are hoping to address sooner rather than later and in all likelihood, more economically. (Let's face it, the upper 1 half of the top 1 percent of the fiscal scale, probably don't bother with "us")

That being said, I think there's
I don't understand what you mean.

The biggest problem we have here is getting folks to come back to update us, I mean we techs spend our free time helping people out here and MOST, not ALL, do not come back to update us, like you in a thread I helped you with last year, LOL.

Here's your thread from last year: RSW2400 Not cooling at times Please update us, thank you!

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