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FIXED SOLVED: How to remove Ice Maker for Whirlpool WRF736SDAM French Door ?


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Jun 1, 2016
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Hello Guys,

I need to replace the Ice Maker for the Whirpool WRF736SDAM model. The Ice Maker is concealed under the top of the refrigerator and I can't see any screws to pop open the panels. Please see the attached image.

Any help and images for installation/disassembly would be much appreciated !


  • Ice Maker.JPG
    Ice Maker.JPG
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Rick, I located another thread for replacing the ice maker on this exact same model number as he has: FIXED WRF736SDAM11 Ice Maker Replacement, You posted quite a few photo diagrams in that thread as well.:)

So with that video on facebook and those photo diagrams, that will likely help him do it successfully.:)

Here's the ice maker for his model number, in case others need it too:
Ice Maker Assembly WPW10764668

I knew that I posted a lot of pictures on removing it but I couldn't find it. I must be using the wrong search box.
Actually Rick, I found it by clicking the model number link in his first post.:)

It will show you a list of the same model numbers from the past threads.:)

OH OK, that's a lot easier than the way I was doing it. (don't ask it's embarrassing...lol)30x28.jpg
Rick, Thanks for posting this video. However I’m still stuck trying to remove the right-side cover plate. My unit doesn’t have the removable face plate accross the front of the covers. It does have a small face plate on the left side where the icemaker is but the right side doesn’t have one. I removed the two 1/4” screws in the water filter housing but there must be something else holding the right-side panel. Once I get the right-side panel removed I think I can get everything else with the help of the video you posted.
We are Glad to help arbiadya!

OK Brickey, Here's the illustrations I made for the WRF759. It should be the same as yours. (fingers crossed....Lol)
WRF759 IM 1.jpgWRF759 IM 2.jpgWRF759 IM 3.jpgWRF759 IM 4.jpgWRF759 IM 5.jpg

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