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Some buttons on oven control panel don't respond Frigidaire Model #FGGF3054MF


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Aug 4, 2022
Asheville, NC
Model Number
6-10 years
We've had our Frigidaire gas range/over for about 6 years. A year or so ago the oven control panel stopped working so we had it replaced.
A few months after the replacement some of the buttons on the control panel stopped responding, specifically the bake, broil, convect buttons right in the middle of the panel.
Other buttons are working including the Pizza button which, when pressed, does heat the oven to 425 degrees.
At first we tried unplugging and replugging in the oven and they would work for a while but now that doesn't help.
So I'm guessing we need another control panel, right? The last one was ordered from Sears. Is there a better place to make the purchase? Or would the issue have been caused by poor installation?
Thanks for any guidance you can provide!

Still missing a digit.
I found FGGF3054MFA, FGGF3054MFB, FGGF3054MFC, FGGF3054MFD, FGGF3054MFE, FGGF3054MFF, FGGF3054MFG and FGGF3054MFJ.

jeff sr.

That one works :)

A year or so ago the oven control panel stopped working so we had it replaced.

Odd it would go again.....and yes it does appear to be bad again :(
There is a key panel but that also comes with the clock/control. The few buttons quitting *sounds* more like a key panel issue, but the key panel only comes with the clock/control assembly.

LINK> Control board/clock

If needed:

LINK> Black overlay (sticker)

jeff sr.

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