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FIXED Speed Queen Dryer Heat problem


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Jun 2, 2011
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Speed Queen
6-10 years
I am not sure if this is the right place to Post about a Speed Queen but this was the closest I could find.
I have a weird problem with my wife’s Speed Queen Dryer.
Last Saturday night she came in and told me the Dryer wasn’t drying or heating.
I figured it was the heater coil and since she told me late Saturday night and we were leaving Sunday I decided to order a new one as a kit with all the parts.

It took a while to find one since they are all back ordered but I finally did and it will be here Saturday.
I was looking this week for videos on replacing the heating element and I ran across one which said “ 5 minute fix Speed Queen Dryer not heating”.

To be short, the video said that Speed Queens can often have one of the wires to the heating element break at the Spade Connector due to heating and cooling.
When I got home tonight I opened it up and lo and behold one of the main power wires had broken at the Spade Connector. It was one of the two power wires going into the element.

The reason I am posting is the insulation had actually melted about two inches down from where the Spade Connector was. Beyond that the insulation is perfect.
I am guessing the wire got too close to the element and just got hot and melted the insulation.

But what also went through my mind is if the element failed in some way and was pulling more power than the wire could handle causing it to overheat. But the rest of the wires look fine and I would guess one of the components on the element itself ( there are two ) must provide some form of overload protection.

So simply my plan is to cover the bare wire with two layers of heat shrink tubing, replace the Spade Connector, and plug it back in.
I am only asking because you guys know these appliances better than I do.
So basically, I wanted to make sure that it sounds more like a wire that got too close melting the first two inches of insulation and not a question of the element pulling too much power and overheating the wire.
But if it was that I would think the other wires would look overheated as well and they are all pristine.

So does this sound like a decent plan and do these Dryers have overload protection to keep the main power wires from overheating?
I just thought I would ask before repairing the wire and plugging it back in.
Especially since I have a new one on the way anyway.

But like I said, I inspected all the other wires and the insulation is perfect.

Yes, very common to see this happen with Speed Queen and Amana Dryers.

Its not so much the wire is too close to the element, but the element GLOWING BRIGHT RED due to LACK OF AIR FLOW through the element, thus causing this problem.

When you pull the dryer out from the wall, remove the vent exhaust from the back of the dryer, then start a NORMAL cycle with no clothes in it and you will see the element glowing DIM RED, that is normal.:)

Here's the heating element kit for your model, in case others need it too:
Kit,heater-Org-5350W/240 964P3

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