Speed Queen H 5000 got better!

Sam L. Archer

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Mar 18, 2013
Austin, TX
My Speed Queen washing machine H 5000 (build date approx. 1985) had a leaking shaft gland seal, but healed up on its own after about two years regular use. Replacing the seal was impossible because of 1.) non-availability of part and 2.) impossibility of disassembling that sub-assembly; so I just maintained the rest of the machine, did some modifications to its controls, changed out the water valves and put a pad under it to catch the dripping water.

After each laundry session I would remove the front and dry it all out inside. About three months ago, I noticed the pad being dry when I pulled it out. Sure enough, the gland seal has stopped leaking.

This machine was taken out of service for about four years and then re-worked and re-started by me about two years ago. I guess the gland seal has absorbed enough water or caught enough lint to tighten up.

Jake stated that Speed Queen builds the most reliable machines and I am here to testify in agreement. There were some lessons I had to learn about this machine as I operated it to wash my fabrics, but through it all it was reliable for me and remains a treasure.


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Aug 24, 2004
Redmond, Oregon
Excellent Sam, glad to hear that.(y)

Yes, Speed Queen is Top Notch!

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