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Speed Queen Washer AWN632SP116TW02- foam at drain


May 10, 2023
Model Number
Speed Queen
Less than 1 year
I have a Speed Queen AWN632SP116TW02 top loading washer and noticed the other day at the end of the cycle there was excess foam coming out of the standpipe drain and falling down the wall. The washer is maybe 9 months old and just started doing this. I haven’t changed the amount of detergent I’m using (one tide pod). I looked through several threads and tried things suggested. I first tried draino down the standpipe thinking there was a clog but that wasn’t it. I have ran heavy duty hot water cycles with vinegar to rid of soap residue several times. They all drain fine with no foam but as soon as I try to do a regular clothes cycle with detergent there is excess foam again. I don’t have the adapter for the standpipe to try yet. My mom recently washed some old Barbie clothes for the grandkids without a mesh bag. Could it be that a piece somehow got into the drain actually in the washing machine? Any advice on what to do next is appreciated!


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That sounds like its just too much suds in the tub, usually when the standpipe backs up just water will back out of it, not suds.

After you start a new cycle and after it fills and starts agitating for a little while open the lid and see how much suds is in the tub.
Our machine, same model/year is doing the exact same thing. I found the thread on this website for a similar model and it appears it could be fixed. I'm currently doing what is suggested at the very end of the thread and crossing my fingers. My husband has tried everything and is at his wits end!

This is the thread I was referring to.
Yes, that thread you referred to sounds like the fix.(y)

Good find!

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