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Speed Queen washer suddenly started making beeping sounds model AWN43RSN115TW01


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Nov 26, 2022
moundville alabama
Model Number
Speed Queen
1-5 years
Out of the blue my speed queen top load suddenly started a random beep. I hear just one beep and it may be awhile before I hear again. I unplugged last night and left unplugged over night. it is 4 mos shy of the 3 yr warranty. i heard it beep and the machine wasn't in use. any idea why? I didn't clean the inlet water filters every 6 months. I will do this tomorrow and call the manu but wanted to see what you think. It is TR3000WN. Other than this strange occurance it washes fine and no lights blink. just that random beep.
Hi, I posted your owners manual in post #2 here:
Yes, it does NOT mention any beeps, just the lights for the error codes.

Since its still under warranty, you can contact Speed Queen at 800-552-5475 to have a tech. come out, or online here: https://speedqueen.com/support/find-service/
I did call speed queen they said just monitor it. has 77 days left on the manu warranty. it may be something else making sound but it sounds like the way it does . no lights flashing runs fine. I did plug into another outlet. about 5 sec after I did it beeps one time.
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I did find a servicer. I am shocked on how the SQ rep was . I sold appliances and dealt with service for years. they are coming friday and think it is the control board.
Ok, thanks for the updates, let us know how it goes.

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