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FIXED Squeaking Whirlpool Duet Gas Dryer WGD9500TW3


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Dec 20, 2022
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6-10 years
I have a WGD9500TW3 - Whirlpool Duet Gas Dryer that started making the loudest squeaking noise. I've torn it down several times over the years. Twice to change the oraphus, from Natural Gas to LP, and then back. The last time I replaced ALL the rollers, pulley, belt, etc. That was about a year ago. So when it started making this horrendous noise I started thinking that maybe I missed something last time.

But I popped the top and back off, and it appears to be just vibrations and two parts squeaking together. Not sure the correct names but it's the main heat duct where it makes a 90 degree turn at the back of the dryer to go up into the drum. It is two separate duct parts - just slid together. Since this is high heat, I assume you cannot use any kind of lubricant - fire hazard. So I am wondering (A) if this normal wear and tear, and (B) how do I go about repairing it?


What/where is chaffing?


jeff sr.
The flame tube/cone.

Make sure the screw (15) is good and tight.
You are correct, any foam/felt or glue would be a bad idea.
Hopefully no new parts will be needed....maybe wire brush any rust/corrosion.
I'd remove #46 and make some small dents like a slight V's on the lip (not that violent) of #5 so when #46 slides in it will be held tighter and hopefully not squeak.
Also make sure #5 is screwed tight in place and not loose.

Hope something here helps.

jeff sr.
Ok. So I sanded down the outside of #46, where it was rusted, and put it back together. If I wiggle it, it still squeaks but not as bad. See attached. But I went ahead and put it all back together, and so far, it is quiet. Woot! Thank you.


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I don't see where to mark something fixed. Or where to assign points, or the like. I'm new here, so please help me understand how to be a good participant. :)
I can mark it FIXED for you, Jeff was helping you, something may have come up where he couldn't get back to you right away.
So it is squeaking again. LOUD. It was good for a couple of weeks - but alas.

Now my question is, can I drill a small hole through #5 into #46 and secure them together with a screw? Seems like a simple fix?
can I drill a small hole through #5 into #46 and secure them together with a screw? Seems like a simple fix?
Yes, I don't see a problem with that.
While I got the two pieces connected together, the dryer still squeaks. I'm leaving town, so I'll need to pull it apart again when I get back. Thanks.


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Ok, then I really don't know what else could be causing it. Sorry. I could probably figure it out if I was there with you and the machine at your house, but in a online forum like this its very difficult.

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