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FIXED SSD25NBL Amana Side By Side Fridge Evaporator Motor Won’t Run - Help Please


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Mar 13, 2023
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More than 10 years
Hello all,
I sure could use some help on fixing this old timer. Normally, I probably wouldn’t spend the time or energy trying to fix this but I really want to for sentimental reasons.

Ok, so here’s what’s going on. Recently, the evaporator fan stopped working and evaporator coils iced up. The compressor and cold control work fine. I have tested and confirmed that the evaporator fan motor and defrost T-stat are good. I know these issues are sometimes caused by a defective adaptive defrost control board which I also know are prone to failure but have even replaced that with a known good board. Still, the evaporator fan motor won’t run. The only time I can ever get the fan to run is if I bypass the fan neutral wire (brown wire) and connect it directly to a ground so I know it has some sort of a ”neutral “ issue.

Additionally, when forced into defrost mode, the compressor shuts off as it should but the defrost heater also won’t come on. Probably also a “neutral“ issue. When testing the adaptive control board, I should be getting 120 volts off pins K (yellow wire hot) and pin D (brown wire neutral) but I don’t. As mentioned before, the only way I can get the 120 volts for the evaporator fan is to pick up the neutral somewhere else or just ground it.

I’m guessing that since I can’t seem to get the “neutral“ from the control board, there must be something that actually tells the board when to turn on and off that neutral. The only component that might be in question is the actual defrost heating element itself but I don’t see how that could affect the control of the neutral to the defrost heater itself or the evaporator fan. I’m completely at my wits end. Does anyone have any idea on what’s going on with this? I would so greatly appreciate any thoughts anyone might have. Thank you so much in advance…
Stuart D.
Portland, OR
Yes Stuart, sounds like your loosing a “neutral“ from the control board circuit, I don't have the schematics for this model and without that I can't help you track it down.
Hi Jake and thank you so much for the response. I have the schematic that I could send you if that might help.
Here you go….


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Hi Jake……I was wondering if you get a chance to look at the schematic, do you think there is a possibility that a defective defrost element would cause the loss of the neutral? I’m not that great in reading schematics but I can’t see how that could affect it unless the control board could sense the open of the element and somehow shut off the common supply to it and the evaporator fan motor. Just a wild, hair brain thought….lol

See the WH(white) wire at the top of your schematic? That's the neutral, so you'd need to trace that white wire to all the components it goes to, and look for a break in it.

do you think there is a possibility that a defective defrost element would cause the loss of the neutral?
Not likely, but you can ohm test the defrost element for continuity to make sure. Always unplug the refrigerator before ohm testing.

If the evaporator fan motor is getting 120 Volts AC and it's not working, replace it: Motor Evaporator Fan WPC8891605

All you do is put one meter lead on one side of the electrical terminal to the evaporator fan motor and the other meter lead on the other side of the electrical terminal to the evaporator fan motor and your meter should read 120 volts.
Hello and thank you for response. The motor tests fine as I mentioned in my first post. It isn’t getting the 120 volts from the defrost board as it is missing the neutral from pin D off the board. The board is also a NOS board but the original board does exactly the same thing. The white neutral wire you mentioned does not supply the neutral directly to the evaporator motor but rather thru the defrost board…….I did an ohm test on the defrost element and I get intermittent/various readings. That’s why I was asking about if it might be bad, could that effect controlling the evap fan……..I have a new element that I’ll install later today and see if that does anything…….
On this model the evaporator fan uses the defrost heater to complete it’s circuit on the cooling cycle so if the defrost heater is not good the fan will not work!


  • Amana SSD25NBL Refrigerator Service Manual - RN130001.pdf
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THANK YOU GUYS! Too all of you! Paulhl, BigBuck and Jake.........This has been driving me crazy and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the wiring on this thing is a bit abstract, lol. Even though I haven't done it yet, I will be replacing the defrost heating element later today as I do think it may be bad and goodness knows I've replaced and double checked everything else,lol. I was wondering that if the defrost heater was in fact bad, if the defrost board could be affected and mess up the evaporator fan. As paulhl put it, "damndest wiring diagram I've ever seen". I'll get that defrost heater switched out and let you all know what happens.............I have hope!

Thank you again guys!

Stuart D.
Portland, Oregon
Remember it will takes time to change that defrost heater and if the defrost thermostat opens up the evaporator fan will not turn on until it cools down and closes that thermostat at about 15 degrees f. You could jump it out momentarily when you’re in there and see if it's a go for blast off.LOL
Thermostat, Def R0161087
Thanks bigbuck, I forgot all about that on these older Amana models.

Here's the heating element for your model:
Defrost Heater WP12049801

Hello again guys.....well, I wish I could give you all an update on this but unfortunately I can't do it yet as I can't quite figure out the correct process to change out this particular defrost element. I'm reasonably sure the process is similar to changing out most others but I'd sure like to verify the process before I start taking it apart. Has anyone done one of these before and care to enlighten this shade-tree mechanic,lol?

Thank you again for all your great advice

Stuart D.
Portland, Oregon
Thank you BigBuck and Jake! I totally didn't see those clips hidden up underneath the bottom. Should make it a piece of cake........Great video but I didn't like how the tech bent the sheet metal to get more clearance for the element. Might try it without doing that. Sure makes me feel kind of stupid for not seeing those clips,lol. I'll post an update a bit later.....

Thank you again!

Stuart D
Portland, Oregon
Ok guys…..we’ll, IT WORKS! Evaporator fan runs like a champ and defrost mode too. The old girl has still got some life left in her…….Thank you to everyone! I am so pleased. Just remember, on some of these crazy older models, if your defrost heater goes bad, so does the entire system including the evaporator fan motor…

Thank you again!
Stuart D
Portland, Oregon
Excellent, good job fixing it.(y)

Thanks for the update!
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