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FIXED Start Button Won’t Start on Kenmore Gas Range 790.74343314


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Jan 2, 2023
Mishawaka, Indiana
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
1-5 years
I am having trouble again with our Kenmore Gas Range, Model 790.74343314 (about 3 and a half years old).

The Start button on the control pad beeps three times when pressed, and won’t start the oven or any other feature (clock, warming, convection, etc.). This has happened in the past and has somehow resolved itself, then works fine for a while. There have also been times when the Start button wouldn’t work but the Convec Convert button would, and would start the oven heating. There are no error codes displayed, just the three beeps when pressed.

Recently it started not working again, and so far has not fixed itself.

Would the control board be the thing to replace? I’d be up for it if that’s the thing, but prices I’ve seen on the web are around $280 and would want to be fairly sure it would fix the problem. Or is there something else to test?
Would the control board be the thing to replace?

I can't think of anything besides a problem in the control itself that could cause such a failure. I agree the clock/control likely needs to be replaced.

The second problem is that that control looks to be on factory backorder at any part suppliers. The supplier at the following link does show 1 left in stock... at the moment.

LINK > Kenmore 790.74343314 Clock/Control 316650017 (no photo)

Dan O.
Update: I ordered the clock/control from Sears Parts Direct (a little cheaper, $249.79, than the $276.32 at AppliancePartsPros.com). Got it delivered today and put it in. Works great so far!

I did have just a bit of challenge peeling off the old overlay membrane carefully with a putty knife, but got it off and stuck it back on the new one.

Thanks for the advice and confirmation.

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