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Stubborn UE error code on LG WT4870C Top-load Washer

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Nov 6, 2022
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6-10 years
I would appreciate any advice about the following situation I am dealing with. I recently moved into a home with a LG WT4870C top-load washer. I believe that the machine is approximately 9-10 years old. During all types of loads, the machine appears to be shaking more than would appear normal. There are also occasional banging sounds. The display console frequently displays the UE error code indicating an unbalanced load.

Sometimes the machine is able to "get over it" and finish the load. Other times it shuts down mid-cycle. I had a repairman out to take a look at it. He diagnosed it as needing new support rods. I purchased OEM rods online and installed them.

That may have led to some improvement but there is still excessive shaking and banging with some loads still triggering the UE code and not making it till the end. The machine is more or less level (not 100% when checked with a bubble level, but there is no noticeable ability to rock it). Any suggestions about what may be causing this problem and how to address it would be highly appreciated.


I'd check the rotor nut to see if its loose, look here:

If its tight, then its possibly the rotor itself that's causing it:

Here's the rotor for your model:
Motor Rotor Assembly 4413EA1004D
Thanks for taking the time to reply Jake. I just checked the rotor nut and it is in rock solid. As far as replacing the rotor - are you taking about just the rotor assembly or the actual motor as well?
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Just the rotor, the stator should be ok unless its cracked.

Here's the stator for your model: 4417EA1002K

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