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FIXED Sub-zero 642 icemaker - tray or inlet overflow?


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Nov 29, 2022
SF Bay Area, CA
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More than 10 years

Subzero 642

Current state is that I've already replaced the icemaker and the water inlet valve (behind kickplate).
The ice cubes are big and beautiful, however water is dripping on the inlet side of the tray into the bucket, causing an ice rink to form in the bucket!

I don't really know if the problem is overflow of the tray (too much water) or overflow of the inlet channel (where water pipe meets icemaker) but I suspect the later.
I put some aluminum foil over the inlet pipe to contain water in the inlet channel (so it couldn't overflow) and that seems to reduce the issue significantly (but in a few days the foil gets knocked loose).

So my question (if I'm headed in the right direction)... is there a way to reduce the water pressure at the water valve? Or is it preset?

I stuck a camera in there and have the movie attached if that's helpful.


  • icemaker dripping.mp4
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OEM ice maker? I always tilt slightly towards the front. Is the fill tube flush in the bottom of the cup?
I purchased the replacement icemaker on Amazon. Told it is specific for subzero 642.

Amen, I spent a lot of time adjusting and readjusting the tilt to make sure the pipe was flush deep in the inlet channel.
From the video and my aluminum foil trial I'm fairly positive that overflow is occurring in the inlet channel. Probably "splash" from too high pressure is my guess. I don't think it's "overflow" due to not draining fast enough as the hole at the bottom of the channel is quite big.
The house water pressure is within spec, but at the high end of the range.
It's hard to tell from your video but it looks to me the water is leaking over the mold not the outside. Remove the two screws holding the back cover in place, prop it up so you can see the ice maker filling. Shut the IM off first before you do this and turn it back on once there's solid ice in it so it cycles.
@paulhl If I understand your suggestion, I'm to remove the 2 screws that attach the molding of the shelf just above the icemaker. This will give me a clear view of the water filling process.

Do I need to stand in front of the open freezer door for an extended amount of time until the water valve opens? Or is there a way to force a cycle? It's not practical leave the door open for an extended period... there's food in there. :) THx.
Like I said, shut the IM off for a few hours so it will cycle when you turn it back on. Remove the screws & prop up the shelf. I use a putty knife. Then turn it on and you can hold a mirror over the IM and watch it cycle & fill. Or you can just pull the whole shelf & panel out & look right into the IM.
Problem solved!
Your idea to pull up the shelf to get a clear view of the mechanism was the key.
For future DIY'ers with this same "leaking" problem I'll attach a before and after video.
The problem was that there is a tab at the back of the inlet channel that should either be bent back or removed altogether. I had it bent in, so that it sat under the water pipe. You can see in the video the problem that orientation caused.

See the bent tab below the water pipe? It needs removal, or bend it back towards the rear of the freezer

This video shows the overflow...

This video is proper operation - no overflow

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