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FIXED Sub Zero Drain Heater wire is stuck

Since OP has fixed the problem, I hope it is okay to ask related questions. I also have a subzero 550. I also had the freezing freezer drain problem, solved differently.
Q1. I can see the front rollers on mine. Are there back rollers? I see a hex head connected to a long rod that goes to the back on each side. I wonder if it raises/lowers rear rollers. The hex head is loose now. Serial number is P1107792.
Q2. I read that the bottom insulation of this old refrigerator is soaked with water by now and remains frozen, which is the root cause of freezer drain problem, and a mullion heater is needed to dry the bottom. Please educate me on this matter if this should be done with the refrigerator off, how many days, etc. When I first turned off the refrigerator, water dripped from the bottom for 2 days.
Congratulations to the OP for solving the problem.
Solved how? Q1- yes that will adj the rear wheels. Q2-already a mullion heater around both doors. The heater loop over the drain pan is supposed to keep that area warm. Depending on how the hi side is run, into condenser first and then to mullion it will just be warm at the heater loop. Have reversed many but don't know how yours is run. They make an electric heater along with a stainless drain pan to help keep this area drier but know of no way to get the insulation dried out. Most times that dripping is from the door.
Can you better define your problem statement? Is water failing to drain because the drain is frozen over and thus leaking water out of the freezer compartment? That was my problem.

The Root Cause for me was a failed Drain Heater that needed to be replaced....with no heater, the drain quickly froze over, causing all defrost water to leak into the freezer compartment.

For your questions:
Q1: yes, there are back rollers, always down and ready to roll. The front bolts raise/lower the front feet, lifting it off the front rollers. You need to lift the pads so the unit is on all 4 rollers, then gently pull it out.

Q2: i dunno
Thank you for the notes. My problem was the same, the freezer drain froze and ice formed in the freezer. I also thought about opening the side and installing a separate drain (external) but settled with a half-way solution. I drilled a hole in the defrost drip pan and catch the drip in a container that sits inside (and empty it every once in a while).
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