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FIXED Sub Zero freezer flood


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Jul 21, 2015
San Diego
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My wife pulled open the freezer drawer and got more than a gallon of water dumped on her feet. I checked the ice maker (no Ice in the tray, but the freeze loop in the bottom was cold). Water had drenched much of the frozen food, and had puddled in the bottom of the freezer.
Today, all is well. The ice maker is dumping cubes, no water leaks. Freezer and refrigerator are working and the refrigerator defrost drain tube is clear.
I suspect the icemaker fill valve malfunctioned.

1) Where is that valve located? What controls it?
2) What sort of sensor indicates that the tray is full, and
3) where is it located?
Thanks, Tom
I realize this is an old post but for the benefit of those who may find this helpful in the future I will try to answer the questions.
1. It is located behind the kickplate panel under the freezer door. The valve is controlled by the ice maker.
2+3. Attached to the side of the ice maker is a wire arm with a white plastic paddle attached to it. During the harvest cycle that arm moves up and then back down. If ice cube level in the bin is high enough to block the arm from returning to it's full down "parked position" the ice maker will stop the ice making process until the cube level in the bin drops to a point that the arm returns to it's parked position.
If the ice maker truly overfilled to the point a" gallon" of water spilled onto the floor then the ice bin would have been full of water. You say the "refrigerator drain line" is clear. There are 2 drain lines and the "refrigerator drain line" is not the one to cause a leak in the freezer. There is a "freezer drain line" that needs to be checked. I suspect that it is clogged and causing the leak in the freezer and the estimate of " a gallon" of water was an exaggeration on your part for dramatic effect :)
PS. If you read this please let us know if and how you solved this. Sorry for the dalay
Jack, thanks for the guidance. It's been a while, but as I remember, it turned out that the ice maker had a bad switch. I replaced the ice maker and, once I got the cube level arm adjusted, things were back to normal.
I just serviced a Sub Zero 561 that flooded a kitchen before it was noticed. The homeowner turned off the water supply, but left power to the box on so I could see it in a failed state. The ice-maker's Fill Valve was commanded open. The trouble was caused by the clock motor stalling in a P/N 7042073 ice-maker during the tray fill cycle. This is not the original ice-maker that came with the unit, replaced at least once.

This 561 belongs to friends, so instead of a $180 part, I cleaned and lubricated the gears and clock motor inside the ice-maker by grinding away the metal tabs that held the cover on to expose the gear train. There was black residue all around the bearing surface perimeter of where the big white plastic gear emerged from the gear case. Inside the gear case there was milky translucent low viscosity grease, but no black residue. Lubriplate Aero low temp aircraft lithium grease was used to re-lube the gear train. The tiny synchronous motor drive gear shaft bushing drank up several droplets of Nye Clock Oil #140B. 140B Clock Oil is rated for service down to -40 degrees F. See attached photo of open gear case just before reassembly.


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Interesting, that is the correct replacement part # below ser # 1350840.
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The ice maker control repaired worked, but did not work as well as hoped, running slowly with only about three batches of cubes produced per day. I believe the lubrication trouble is within the synchronous motor. The motor is designed to run at two RPMs - on the bench it runs more slowly and in fits and starts. The customer's patience hit its end and she asked me to replace the ice maker control

I was able to cross the old 2007 Whirlpool P-N W10122536 of the failing control clockwork to a new superseding Whirlpool (not Sub Zero) part - P-N W10190935 for $45 plus s/h. See photo below for side by side view on the two controls. The old control, still installed, appears on the left. Note the manufacture dates on the labels.

Ice Maker Clockworks, old on the left.jpg
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