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Sub Zero UC-15i ice maker help! Out of ideas...


Nov 28, 2018
Model Number
Sub Zero
Less than 1 year
Hi all,

First post here, apologies if it's long but I'll try and get all relevant info out there in my first post. I'm having issues with a brand new UC-15i install in a home bar. The unit starts normally and begins dropping cubes within 20-30 mins, but the bin never gets much past 1/3 full, even after days, and the heat coming from the bottom of the unit is HOT (140-160 degrees at kick plate). There are no obstructions at all near the kickplate. This is also the SECOND unit we've had - the first unit had the same issue, and after 3 visits by certified sub-zero repairmen, sub-zero agreed to replace the unit. That was just done and while it's only been just over 24 hours since the new one has been on, it's only about 25% full at this point, and I'm still measuring similarly high temps. I'm kind of at my wits end as to what the issue could be here?? I was convinced the first unit was defective, but now I'm not so sure. We have another one of these units outside so I'm pretty familiar with the operation and something is definitely not right here.

Some more info:
unit is installed at grade, over a climate controlled basement
floors are not heated
ambient air temp in the room is 67 degrees
there are other sub-zero appliances behind the bar (wine cooler, fridge) that work perfectly and have exact same cabinetry dimensions.
incoming water temp and pressure were tested and verified ok

If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears! Thanks so much in advance...