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Subzero 315P under the counter icemaker - not making ice consistently


Sep 18, 2021
Model Number
Sub Zero
More than 10 years
I have a sub zero 315P model under the counter dedicated icemaker approximately 20 years old. It has no filter attached, I recently bought my home which came with the icemaker. However the icemaker did not work I have had many people out here working on it replace thermostats, clean the water jets because of lime buildup it seem to work for about two weeks yesterday I had another repairman come out here and said the water jets had lots of lime on them which caused them not to spray water up into the ice cube maker. We clean the jets and this morning when I woke up I only had about 10 cubes of ice. I noticed the water jets were not spraying again they were just bubbled up. Took the water jet off and they were no lime deposits on them whatsoever they were all clean so I took off the water jets and turned on the pressure again and the water would not stream up so somewhere in the line I have a clog probably scale deposits since I live in the hills. How do I go about flushing the system out thank you.