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FIXED Subzero 650/S 2 Grille Screw


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Jan 31, 2023
Los Angeles
Model Number
650 / S 2
More than 10 years
Hello every one. Quick question. I just noticed that the 3 grille screws that hold the stainless steel grill to the top of the subzero are missing. (The ones where you screw in from the bottom of the grill) I think the grill is just hanging on by the springs and resting on the shelf. I want to get replacement screws and it looks like it is Product Code: 6201310 Screw, #8 x 1-3/4" Flat PH HD.

After shipping and everything I think I could get 3 of these "official" screws for something like $15, but Home Depot has what I think is the same spec screws as a 3 pack for $1.38. Here is the link for that: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbil...eel-Sheet-Metal-Screw-3-Pack-801371/204282652

So question - can I get away with these Home Depot screws? Or should I bite the bullet and get the official screw from sub zero parts distributor. S/N of my fridge starts with P23329XX

Yes they will work, before you install them vacuum the condenser
Thanks so much. You mean taking a shop vac and cleaning up what is located immediately behind the grill after it is removed correct? That's where the condenser is located right? Sorry for all of the questions.
Condenser on r/s front to rear, looks like an auto radiator unless it's one of the new styles. Use a brush attachment so the fins aren't bent.
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