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Subzero bu 36 s/th ice maker not working, after power surge


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Aug 19, 2020
New York
Model Number
1-5 years
Hi, do you think there is a relationship to power surge? unit 4 years old. Refrigerator never went out during outage as it’s on a generator (wasn’t paying attention to weather it was making ice during time on generator). There was a power surge and we lost many appliances.is it just a coin that ice maker no longer works? Freezer and frig work. Subzero repair person sort of dismissively said it wasn’t related and had me get a new filter cartridge which I did and still no ice. It seems like more than just a coincidence that other things got ”fried”. Can someone tell me if it’s possible or makes no sense. thanis
Its completely possibly the power surge killed the ice maker.

You don't have a whole home surge protector?

I always recommend whole home surge protectors, Surges do damage by hunting for earth ground destructively via appliances. A surge connected to earth by a 'whole house' protector doesn't go hunting for earth destructive via any appliance.

My whole home surge protector is outside where the main electric meter and breaker box are located, it sends the surge directly to earth ground outside before it comes into the house.

Here's the whole home surge protector my electrician installed on my house: Stabl-Power Series 1

Find a licensed electrician in your area to install this for you.:)

You bet!


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