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FIXED Subzero refrigerator/freezers 700TCI- Ice buildup

Good point. I guess you based that on the fact that all three zones can not go lower than 31 degree?
Now I just need to find out if Subzero makes a winecooler that uses part #4201992.

Wow. Subzero wine cooler. Three zones!
I was wondering if #4201992 can be programmed to use in both 700 TC/I and the three-zone wine cooler
and I got the one for the wine cooler.
Pretty easy to verify. I'll download the parts list later and see if the wine cooler also uses 4201992 as control board.
I wonder if they physically look the same. If so, it's possible the seller mislabled the part # given that
the instructions page is missing. We know this much: 1) the board I bought looked identical to the one
I have, 2) my board has two zones, fridge and freezer, and 3) the new board has three zones but none
of them can go lower than 31 degrees.

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