• ** REMEMBER! **The microwave can still shock you even unplugged!!

    ALWAYS discharge the high-voltage capacitor first if you even think your hands will come close to any HIGH VOLTAGE components.

    Jeff mentions this: Anything in the high voltage ( magnetron, capacitor, diode, wires to and from ):
    ...Use a metal ( not the shiny chrome type ) screw driver with a insulated handle to short across ( touch both at the same time ) the terminals of the high voltage capacitor to discharge it.

    From Jeff's site: http://www.applianceaid.com/component-testing.php

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Superba wall microwave convection oven display issue


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Sep 20, 2007
I have the Kitchenaid Superba wall-mounted Microwave/Convection Oven combo - Model #'s KEMS307D and KEMS377D.

Lately, my wife goes to use the oven and she sometimes gets a display indication that the oven probe temp needs to set, but she's not using the probe. This happens in both the regular bake and convection modes. Also, the oven will periodically shut off after she has set it and it begins heating. And, today I was using the microwave and after it stopped it's cycle, when I usually hear the three beeps that indicate it's done, I heard only one beep and I saw the whole display go crazy and show everything. I hit cancel and then had to reset the clock, but then it worked normally after that during several uses.

It seems as though we're having some sort of intermittent electronic issues that cause this, because normal operation is fine most of the time. We got this appliance in 2000 when we built this house.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should check? I'm an Engineer and quite proficient at troubleshooting if I have a process to use.

Thanks very much, Ron
Post the correct model number located on the unit itself and I will see if I can locate the tech sheet for your MW.

The only model number I could find was inside the oven door - KEMS307DBL6. Inside the microwave door there was no model number, only a FCC ID: KAW38AVM726 and another label with the numbers 8538 791 54001 and XNH4545744 on it.

Similar Request

Hi...I've got a similar unit with a different problem: My door hinge spring (the counter-weight spring that makes the door feel light) broke.

Here's the info I could find:
-On the rear:
Model: AVM794
Serial No: XNR3623532
Manufactured: August 2004
- On the front:
8538 794 54001
Do you know if there is an engineering diagram with the location/position of the counterweight spring?

Many thanks in advance,
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