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Tappan Fabulous 400 Door Bolt


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Oct 11, 2022
Model Number
I have a Tappan Fabulous 400 Visualite stove. The unit with the single door. Unfortunately, the door only has one upper bolt. This means I have to hold the bottom of the door everytime I open it. Could anyone assist me in finding this part or a replacement bolt?
Tappan Fabulous 400 Visualite stove

I’m afraid that is not enough information to identify the appliance in question. We need its model number (400 isn’t it). If you can post the model number I’ll try to look it up. (There's no guaranty it will still be available though.)

Otherwise, if they’re both the same post an image of the one you have to give others an idea of what you're looking for or try to make a duplicate from a regular bolt.

Dan O.
I can't see the part in that photo.

I do know what you're referring to but we need to see a photo of the actual part (preferably with some kind of ruler or scale beside so we can tell its actual size).

Alternately, if you post the unit's exact model number ("400" isn't it) I'll try to look up its part number to see if it is still available. The model and serial tag may be around the oven cavity opening behind the door or on pullout drawer models, the ID tag may be beneath one of the surface elements. On many of the Tappan 400 (and 500) models, that tag is often located beneath the right most surface element/burner.

Example Model Number Tag
Tappn model tag.png

Dan O.
Visit your local hardware store or home improvement store with the bolt you have. They should be able to match the thread pitch and length. The style of the head might be different. Not sure if that's important though. Good luck to you!

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