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Temperature control not working after replacing motherboard


Jun 13, 2013
United States
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We inherited a GE Profile Arctica when we bought our house and it quickly become the garage drinks fridge. Recently the temperature controls were only displaying "Off" and the unit had effectively shut down. After some research on the "interwebs", I purchased a new main board (WR55X10942) from GE Parts and installed it yesterday. I did notice the layout of the boards was a little different, but all the right receptacles were there and labelled the same so I gave it a bash. The fridge/freezer are bother working, but I am no longer able to set the temperature controls, except to make the fridge warmer. But even though the fridge is set to 38 (I increased it when pushing the warmer button and now cant decrease it to the recommended 37), the current temperature is being reported as 37. Do I need to do some sort of reset when replacing the main board? Will it just keep getting colder and colder since it "appears" not temperature has been set?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. FYI, the fridge did sit unplugged for about a week as we waited for the board to arrive.
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First, unplug the machine and check the J4 connector on the motherboard and make sure it's on correctly. Then, check the rest of the connectors and make sure they are also on correctly. Restore power and wait a minimum 5 minutes then open the fresh food door and make sure the temperature display is illuminated. Press and hold all four temperature key pads simultaneously for about 4 seconds or until "0" "0" is displayed. Use the temperature keypads to enter "1" "5" then press any keypad. This will cause a system reset. If you're unable to enter the diagnostic mode, replace user interface:
Main Control Board WR55X10120

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