Thank you

May 25, 2022
I would just like to say thank you for the help with my washing machine. I kept getting F02 error codes. I would have to put a load on the drain and spin cycle about 3 times before it took out enough water out of my clothes to dry. I thought that my pump might being going out. What got me was that in the owners manual there was never a mention about a filter NOTHING.

I had a samsung front loader before the kenmore and there was a little door at the bottom for the filter and it showed how to clean it in the owners manual. So I thought there was no filter in the kenmore. Good thing I found this website I was about to go and buy a new washer becuase the pump alone is around 200.00 and thats if you can find one.

So removed the 3 bolts on the bottom opened the water pump to get to the filter and HOLY S%&T no wonder as you can see. So thank you for the help.


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Excellent, good job finding the drain pump filter being clogged up was all it was.(y)

Jake……..I am new to this site. I am having trouble with LED freezer lights On a KirchenAid freezer. I read your comments on how to fix it. I ordered the top light today from the site you show. It has already been shipped! I am writing to just say thanks! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks for being here to help so many people.
Your Welcome, Glad to help!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
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