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Thanks and shout-out


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Jan 1, 2008
South Pasadena, CA
Jake, love your site, as you well know. Just thought I'd give you a heads-up, I told a blogger The Simple Dollar about you and how great you are. I hope get gets in touch with your or does a post on you, you're wonderful!!
Thanks 91030Mom, I really appropriate that!:)

I must be a real novice because I just registered and cannot determine how to post a Thread. Looked for POST THREAD or something of that nature but it doesn't exist. I can log in and am identified but can't seem to figure out how to ask a question. Can you help?


To Start a NEW THREAD:
You go to the forum that your appliance is in, then you will see a

"+ Post New Thread" button on the top left side of that forum, and thats it, just
click + Post New Thread.

Excuse me if this is a silly question but is this a US based forum? I found it whilst searching in the UK version of google, thats all. Cheers. Grant
Yes, it is. Probably because it's the most popular (and best) site for appliance repair over here across the pond.

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