The Beast In My Kitchen - I fight with it every day

LL Konecny

Sep 20, 2017
I've never regretted a purchase as much as this GE refrigerator, so I am writing this for the benefit of others. I'd like to spare anyone the anger and frustration about such a major purchase. I have had it one year (thought I would get used to it). Within the first few months, it required a thermostat replacement. I think it needs yet another one - but really!? 3 inside of a year?

The FIRST thing we had to do, was purchase 4 glass half gallon pitchers for the milk. We would have had to eliminate an entire shelf to make them fit otherwise. The juice cartons go in the door, because they are too tall, just like the milk jugs. It is fortunate for the designing engineer that he is anonymous. E v e r y DAY it astounds me that he was paid for this.

We spent over $1,000.00 for a refrigerator in which we can only keep a few things. Three-fourths full, (it is a 22 cubic foot),and everything freezes. The thermostat is set at 40 degrees(recommended setting 39). I bought it, wanting the same size as the one it replaced. Please, everyone. You have to look at the dimensions. This unit is much deeper than it is wide. I have to get on a chair to clean the top shelf, because of the depth. When I want to retrieve an item, several times every day, I have to take a few things OUT, in order to reach what has to be stored behind, say the milk jugs! NO convenience at all. We've had to adjust our shopping to more frequent trips to prevent freezing.

Today alone, i had to throw lettuce out - frozen, about 9 eggshells broke due to the expansion of the frozen egg, AND, I had to wait for the ground beef to thaw for hamburgers - out of the refrigerator - NOT freezer. I used to cook extra for leftovers, now I cook enough for only each meal. I think the 'suits' need to quit trying to think of more bells and whistles - like door ice dispensers - and concentrate on keeping the refrigerator, just a refrigerator, and actually try putting regular items from the store in it to make sure they can FIT (Incidentally, the door ice dispenser idea doesn't save energy if you are having the door open longer shuffling food around to get something out.) (Ours does not have one.)