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Aug 24, 2004
Vicksburg Junction, Arizona
I got a call this morning from someone who told me a local appliance company tech. was extremely rude to them, and the customer asked him to leave, and the tech. refused, and the police were called out to remove the tech.

Now this is really extreme, but I have been noticing in the last 10 years or so a pattern of this unacceptable behavior from appliance companies & appliance techs.

We need to put a stop to this, by listing the appliance repair company that does this or who employs a tech. that does this. So others can avoid calling these appliance repair companies for service.

I agree 1oo%, it only takes one bad service tech. or one bad appliance company to give the entire industry a black eye. This business is hard enough without having rude tech's or crooked companies making it harder. I believe more and more people are buying new in lew of a repair because they are affraid of being ripped off,not because of any thing that happened to them but what they've heard happening to someone else. I watched a top refrigeration company go from "king of the hill" to "building for sale" because of dishonest techs. When one person hears of a discourtious or dishonest service tech. they automaticaly assume we all are.
One of the good guys,
Rick Burton
Salt Lake City
Yes, exactly Rick, I hear of so many complaints from our local residents here of poor service with some of the less reputable appliance repair companies, even when I worked for Sears and Wards, now I'm hearing alot more now that I have my own appliance repair business.

But when I heard the police were called to remove a local tech. from a local appliance repair company here, from a customers home I was in shock, so I decided this would be a good place for people who have had unacceptable appliance techs. come out to let the local people know who NOT to call for appliance repair service.

I understand why you created this category. The story you told about the police being called out on the service tech is outrageous. However I have couple concerns. One is why don’t you have a category for Recommended Appliance Stores? My other is sometimes people are unhappy no matter what.

One time one of my customers got so mad she called GE to report me (like I work for GE). The reason for this complaint was that I used a service manual to work on her refrigerator. She was mad even though I repaired her refrigerator. This was when GE first redesigned their refrigerators and it was one of the first ones I had to work on.

As a side note this same customer has hired me five or six more times since then and was nice as she could be. My point is sometimes people are going to be unhappy and may post negative things about a service company that is really a good company.
Nice! Lets just hope people will post there because unfortunately a happy customer is less likely to praise companies online than a mad customer is to bash companies online.

The other thing you have to watch out for is techs recommending themselves. What you really want is real customers genuinely recommending service techs/appliance stores from good experiences.
Yes, I agree.

not sure of the legalities since I'm not an attorney but posting peoples names and making negative comments about them could lead to legal complications.
One is why don’t you have a category for Recommended Appliance Stores? My other is sometimes people are unhappy no matter what.

I always ask customers how they found me. 95% of the time, they found me on, Yahoo Search and Google Search. If the customer is pleased with your service, ask them to go to and leave a positive comment about your work so that others can see it.

I never signed up for The customers started everything and I got free advertising everytime they searched for "appliance service in (my town)". Now Yelp is calling me to pay for the advertisement but I don't have to. I'm swamped with customers calling me.
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