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Thermador bad Board Error code 22 leads to Cooling Fan Error Code 43 & discontinued fan 00486894 FYI


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Jan 1, 2008
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Thermador bad Board Error code 22 leads to Cooling Fan Error Code 43 & discontinued fan 00486894 FYI

Hi DIYers!

Posting this for posterity.

We had a power outage and when we awoke our Thermador range PGR486GDZS/01 was blinking error code 22, which means bad control board. We ordered a new control board and installed it ourselves.

We purchased it at AppliancePartsPros because they send full instructions on what to plug where (since the board has changed in the 13 years since we purchased the range, it's not a straightforward plug for plug).

Now after installing the new board, we thought we did something wrong because after the oven got to 350 F the fans would turn on, BUT, the oven would shut down and we'd get error code 43, which means the cooling fans don't work. We were puzzled because, we had no problem with the cooling fans prior to the power outage and we could clearly hear both fans come on.

We called for a factory service tech to come out because we were stumped. Why were we now getting an error code, when you could clearly hear the fans come on? The factory rep took a look and noticed that the one of fans wasn't running as fast as the other. The slower running fan was not running fast enough to push the sail switch on the fan (or maybe it wasn't doing it quickly enough). So now it all made sense (I guess, we figure the new board wanted that sail switch triggered faster than the old board). So, the good news was we had wired the board correctly, but the bad news was that Thermador has discontinued the that particular fan (00486894). I called three local parts places in L.A., I checked all I could find on-line, but zip, nada, a replacement fan was not to be found.

Out of sheer desperation, stubbornness and refusal to buy a new range (I'm kinda used to this one and it SHOULD last more than 13 years, no?). I found a place in L.A. that would take the fan apart, clean it up and lube the ball bearings (there are three, I think the guy said). He did it in one day and charged a fraction of what the part would have been new. Yureka!

I was so happy with this result I actually made a YouTube, showing the fan at work, the sail switch moving and giving a plug for this guy/shop in L.A. because, as you can well imagine, I was a happy camper. I'm hoping this will be useful to someone else out there in the same predicament we were in; payin' it forward! :-D

Here are a list of resources, hopefully these will be useful to y'all:

Where we bought the Board 709786 with install instructions.
A repair manual for this range, I found this online and saved it in google drive, it's attached to this post.
The Youtube of the fan running well and sail switch moving, we wondered exactly where it was and how it worked.
The shop in L.A. that cleaned up the fan and got it working again: Abco Electric Motors, 2743 N San Fernando RoadLos Angeles, CA 90065, (323) 224-9000


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Jan 24, 2017
Thanks. I've copied your message - stored it away for posterity. I've got a Bosch oven and information about them is hard to come by. Thanks for posting it!


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Jan 13, 2016
United States
I too replaced the oven control board on March 17, 2017, almost the same time you posted. Yesterday all ovens and grill on my PRG486ELG showed no power/life. I opened the top again, thankfully for putting anti-sieze brake paste, the venturi tube came off easily, I noticed the oven control board is burnt near the transformer. So not even 2 years ago, I need a new board. Bosch parts are terrible. Hope your board is doing ok. I swapped in my first original board in and the main oven works again. But the small oven is dead as it was. Now I have to order another board. thankfully I kept the original board.