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FIXED Thermador DWHD640JPR dishwasher stopping mid-cycle


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Jan 9, 2020
Paoli, PA
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1-5 years
My Thermador dishwasher is stopping after the initial pre-rinse, before the detergent wash cycle starts. Need some help troubleshooting. Here's what happens:

Dishwasher loaded with dirty dishes.
I push the "ON/OFF" button. Cycle is set to AUTO. Display flashes "2:09". I push "START/RESUME" button. Cycle starts. Blue indicator light shines on the floor.
The drain pump runs and empties out any standing water in the bottom of the dishwasher into the sink drain.
Dishwasher fills with water.
Dishwasher starts running with the initial rinse cycle.
Dishwasher stops running after about 5-10 minutes and blue indicator light shuts off.
I open the dishwasher, steam rolls out, and display flashes "0:00". The soap dispenser is still closed.

I've repeated this several times. Each time it goes through everything I outlined above. I tried holding down the "START/RESUME" button for about five seconds to reset the cycle. I tried changing the cycle from AUTO to NORMAL. None of those made any difference,

Any ideas? Appreciate any insights or advice.
Thanks for the response. However, my question was posted two and half months ago, so obviously I have not been living with this issue since then. I had a Thermador technician inspect the dishwasher and determined the Aquastop was malfunctioning. That part was replaced and the problem has not returned.
That guy was a spammer, I deleted his post.
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