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Thermador PD304 slow oven heating issue

Kris Denton

Apr 28, 2022
Los Angeles
Model Number
More than 10 years
We have a Thermador PD304 30" electric oven and it takes 16 minutes to get to 200 degrees, 26 minutes to 300 degrees, 40 minutes to 375 degrees and 45 minutes to 400 degrees.

My wife has been saying for awhile that it takes a long time to heat up. I had a tech out today and he seemed to think that it was heating up at about the correct speed. I don't think he is correct. From what I've read most ovens will get to 400 degrees in around 17 minutes. Does anyone have any first hand experience on what the correct heating time to 400 degrees should be? And secondly if it is indeed slow what might be the issue? Does the heating element wear out or get less effective over time even though it will still heat up. (we purchased in 2004)

My thanks for any advice in advance. Kris
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