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Thermador SCD302TP - F2, F5 error after Self Clean in top ov


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Jan 15, 2021
Pasadena, CA
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Hi guys,

Thermador SCD302TP

So I finally got my oven working after replacing the relays on the relay board so I ran a self clean on both the top and bottom oven. Bottom oven still works fine after the self clean, but the Top oven is now throwing 2 different codes - sometimes it's F2, sometimes it's F5 and I also got an F3 today as well!

I checked the thermal fuse and it's not engaged. I also tried a "hard reset", but flipping the breaker and leaving it off for 30 minutes. Still got the codes.

I get the error during the oven's preheat cycle. I noticed that the temp reading on the Digital Display was going up a lot faster than it had in the past, even though inside the oven didn't seem as warm has the preheat temp indicated. I've managed to get the oven to reach full temp for a bit before it throws the F5 code. Sometimes it continues to throw it even after I've pressed Off and the cooling fans are running.

Best I understand, the F2 and F5 codes have something to do with the thermal temp sensor or the relay board. I'm going to pull the temp sensor tomorrow and Ohm test it - I'm hoping the probe is the only problem, as that's an easy fix. However if it isn't the probe, what else should I look to test? Could it be the SFR? If so, where is that located? I didn't see it on either the Upper or Lower relay board when I replaced the relays.

Any help would be appreicated.

Thanks so much,