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TPX24PBBAWW GE Refrigerator Single Solenoid Water Inlet Valve


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Jul 8, 2016
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More than 10 years
Hi All...It has been awhile since I have had an appliance issue. You were all so kind to assist in the past and thank you all for that. This is my issue: I have a rather older GE Refrigerator model number TPX24PBBAWW. My Single Solenoid water inlet valve has a cracked casing and therefore leaks water and must be replaced. All other parts on the valve are OK.

Well I have not been able to locate the part I need which is part # WR57X10007. My research indicates that the part is no longer available. I tried the seal the crack but to no avail...still leaks.

I am wondering if by chance there is a compatible part from another refrigerator that may work for me. Also if any of you have knowledge of this particular fridge, perhaps I can contact the owner and discuss a purchase for the valve.

There is a replacement part for my GE but it is quite pricey and the install looks quite involved...not to mention that this fridge is old. I am hoping just to replace the Single Solenoid water inlet valve. If I can find one it will be a little less pricey and simple install.

Any assistance is fully appreciated.
Thanks Jake for your efforts on my behalf. I have reviewed the valve you were kind enough to send me. It looks nowhere near what I have but it does say it is compatible with my model. And again it is pricy. But now I may have found the part and hopefully all will come together.
Ok, sounds good, let us know how it goes.:)


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