Training options

Bob R J

Premium Member
Sep 25, 2018
South Dakota
Hi All,
I'm curious about options available to get training in appliance repairs, and start a side business. I live in a very rural area and people around here have a hard time getting anyone to drive out a couple hours to replace a dishwasher valve. (I just did that job for my wife. Got it done but it shows that some specific education would help me!) I don't think there would be enough business in the area for a full-time operation, but I'm working on my family's beef cattle ranch as well.

I have looked at a couple online training programs and they all sound good--from what they say. I already completed a year of trade school for "Electrical Technology" and have worked doing residential and commercial wiring, solar installs, and service calls. I moved back to home territory a year ago and have done a few "I know a guy" kind of jobs for neighbors. So I'm looking into making an organized business out of it.

What training has been helpful to any of you? Has anybody done training that was a waste of time and money? Thanks!