FIXED Trust the data, Trust your Multi-Meter


Sep 4, 2012
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Sears Kenmore Electric Dryer, Canadian model 1008884293

Symptom - dryer would spin, but no heat.

Flipped breaker to off, pulled the plug from receptacle.

Tested all thermo's, (hi-limit, operating, cutoff) and thermal fuse, and heater element with multi-meter.
Result - all tested good, with each reading complete continuity. The heater element resistance was about 12 ohms. Good.

Plugged the dryer back in, flipped breaker on, and tested for 240 V at the receptacle and at the inital dryer connections.
Result - all required voltage was there..

Flipped breaker off, pulled plug from receptacle, (I did this routine alot today)

Back tested continuity of red wire, from lowest vent thermo all the way up to the timer switch (red), All tested good.

Finally, I lifted the top up, removed the front panel, and took a closer look at the motor.

Guess what I found ..

For whatever reason the 4 wire connector harness to the motor had come loose, but just on the bottom, and had tilted in such a way that the red lead supplying power to the motor was intact, but the red wire going to the heater coil was not making contact..

I pushed the connector harness back in so it was snug, re-assembled the front and top of dryer, plugged it back into the wall, flipped the breaker back on, pressed zee start button, and magic - heat again..

No crazy try-this, try-that part buying and swapping required.. Trust your multi-meter, trust the data.

Total cost of repair - $0.00 (except my time, which of course is 'priceless') lol.