unhappy customer

Oct 27, 2014
villa ridge mo
i purchased a Samsung refrigerator 2011 did not have problems until 3 weeks ago the temp changed call samsung to find out what the problem was told me to press two buttons did that, did not work so i called back they stated someone will call me in 24-48 hrs. What the deal so i called Lowes that's where i purchased the frig. so to make a long story short i have read all the other post i don't have that kind of time i needed help three weeks ago payed quite a bit of my hard earned money and get no respect as a customer, so my only choice is to take this to another level i should not have to fix something that is a serious problem we are letting the company get away from their responsiblity that they knew they were putting out crappy product as well as the tv's that are horrible so i need a refrigerator REPLACED.
I agree with this statement:
Samsung makes great televisions and smartphones - I swear by them.

But not with your other statement:
Unfortunately, nobody makes good refrigerators anymore.

As a tech. myself for 37 years, I find that Whirlpool/Maytag make the best quality appliances in today's market, all my appliances in my house are Whirlpool and Maytag, and I've not had to fix my own appliances in 20 years and when I did it was very minor and under the first year warranty, so no charge.:)

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