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FIXED Urgent Advice Needed- Frigidaire LFSS2612TF2 burning electrical smell


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Jan 6, 2023
Charleston, SC
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1-5 years
We had a burning plastic/ electrical smell coming from our freezer. Repair guy took the inside freeze panel and found that a defrost thermostat wire had become tangled in the fan, preventing it from spinning. As soon as he disentangled the wire, and the fan started spinning. the smell almost completely dissipated. Great New!
He said the wire was not damaged externally by the fan. However he said we need to replace the fan motor and the defrost thermostat for a cool $450!
My question- should I go ahead with these repairs, or wait and see how the refrigerator performs now that the fan is spinning freely??? I am getting a sinking feeling that I am being taken for a ride.
Thanks for the reply.
That’s the thing… I didn’t understand why the needed to be replaced. He just said “ those parts probably should be replaced”.
Said there was no external damage to the wires but may be internal damage. And that although the fan was now spinning the motor needed to be replaced… because of the burning smell I guess.
We did get an H1 error on the freezer thermostat which apparently means the freezer sensor has shorted (according to google). However that error code has since gone away and has not returned since the fan has started spinning again.
I hope that’s enough information. I’m at a loss. I don’t mind paying if it is truly needed.
Attached the invoice they gave me.
Thanks for any help!!!!


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If the motor is functioning and there is no visible damage to the wiring and the fridge is functioning properly, I doubt I'd replace them at this time.


Dan O.
We did get an H1 error on the freezer thermostat which apparently means the freezer sensor has shorted

Hi (not H1) on the freezer indicator means (or the control 'thinks') the FZ temp. is above 26ºF. On the fridge indicator HI indicates the FF temp. is above 55ºF


Dan O.
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