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Various 110.25132410 Kenmore Series 500 Issues


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Oct 25, 2021
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Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Hi all,

Kenmore 110.25132410

This is different from the issue I had in my other thread: https://www.applianceblog.com/mainf...ries-500-washer-unbalanced-walking-fix.87244/

The washer got bad again this year with banging around randomly on spin cycles while loaded with more clothing. I found it doesn't even spin balanced on its own. Suspension rods still seem strong and aren't bouncy. Any ideas? I've attached two videos. It violently shakes sometimes on spin cycles. And sometimes I think I've heard it grind before? The balancing ring still sloshes around with water in it just fine when you try to spin it by hand.

Another random issue I've had that I saw in another thread is it will add water on a drain and spin. I've seen it do it twice now but haven't bothered to outright troubleshoot it.

Finally, the stupid thing won't consistently fill with water. I did a deep water wash and had to fill it with my garden hose because it had maybe 2" of water in the tub when it started washing. Sometimes when selecting Bulky items it'll just about fill to the top, where other times I have maybe the 1-3" of water.

A neighbor gave me an older non-HE Amana washer that just needs suspension rods that I'm tempted to swap to. I've about had it with smart/sensing appliances consistently failing and would appreciate the manual fill selector knob again. Given I now have 3 issues it's tempting to just get rid of the Kenmore.

Appreciate any insight or help with troubleshooting.


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Thanks for the prompt response. At $300 for the outer tub and with the other issues I think this is probably the death sentence for it. I can buy a brand new Amana for roughly $500, and a much bigger Whirlpool for around $650. Ugh.

Really appreciate it. The suspension rods last year got me through until now. I wonder if I can reuse them on another machine in the family somewhere.
On the flip side, I think I just found a local one for parts for less than $100. Said it just needs a pump. I might be fixing it afterall.

Any ideas on the water level issue and filling on a drain cycle? The other one has a new control board so this just might do it between the two.


  • Tech Sheet - W10677676 - Rev B.pdf
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Ok, sounds good, let us know what you find.
Did the calibration and a deep water wash still only fills the tub 2-3", with clothing still 3-6" above it. Just went ahead and ordered a new washer for black friday since the used washer I was looking into had the same tub but used a different control board.

Oh well. Thanks for the help! I'm going to sell this one for parts.
Ok, I understand, I don't blame ya for buying a new washer.:)

Thanks for the update!

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