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FIXED VDSC3054BSS Viking Range Top Not Lighting, Not Clicking

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Oct 11, 2020
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More than 10 years
I have a 30 inch Viking range model number VDSC3054BSS, in which none of the burners will light and they don't even click when I turn the range knobs. Interestingly, if I turn the electric oven thermostat on, the burners will click and light. Another bit of information is that the red light next to the oven thermostat comes on when I turn it on, but the oven knob with bake, broil, convection etc does not turn on the light. The electric oven is not heating up at all, by the way.

I have been reading many threads on this forum and others and was going to attempt to change the spark module, but because the range will light if I have the oven thermostat on, it made me think it was something else.

Any help would be appreciated.

Unfortunately I don't have any service info on that model. Can you post a copy of your wiring diagram?
This is what I could find on this model.


  • Product Wiring Diag-6-02 page 26 26.pdf
    61.7 KB · Views: 356
  • Product Wiring Diag-6-02 page 26 30.pdf
    57.7 KB · Views: 338
  • Product Wiring Diag-6-02 page 26 27.pdf
    72.6 KB · Views: 356
Looks like one of the spark modules is not working properly. Check for 120 VAC.
So can you recommend where I would put my voltmeter to check for 120 VAC? Also, what voltage would signal that I need to replace it?
Another piece of information I learned is that the problems started after the previous owners performed a self clean cycle. Does that mean anything?
Look on the spark module. The terminals are marked. Measure across L1 and Neutral.
Follow up. I found the spark module and tested L1 and Neutral for voltage and nothing when I turned the burner knob on. So do I replace the spark module?
Also, what is the connection between the spark module and the fact that the electric oven is not working. thanks
Sorry Roscoe, I've been out of town. Check the other spark module for 120 VAC
Thanks Rick. I did test the spark module across L1 and Neutral as you directed and there was nothing. Do I replace the spark module? Should replacing the spark module address the electric oven not working?
L1 and Neutral as you directed and there was nothing.
Check the wiring to the spark modules. According to the wiring diagram you posted, you should have 120 VAC at both modules regardless of the state of the range. L2 is red and Neutral is blue:
Then I tested L2 across neutral. I did not realize that there are two spark modules. The one I tested was at the back right of the stove top. See attached. Can you tell me where the second one is located?


  • Spark Module.JPG
    Spark Module.JPG
    264.7 KB · Views: 342
Unfortunately Viking has made it impossible to get any kind of service information or parts illustrations for their machines. Follow L2 wire.
HI Rick,
After doing more digging, the wiring diagram I sent you was labelled for before June 2001. I cannot find one on line for after June 2001.

My review of the parts diagram for VDSC3054BSS shows only one spark module part number PA020047.

Based on my test with the voltmeter, I am inclined to replace the spark module. Any thoughts?
If you don't have 120 VAC across L1 and N on the spark module, replacing the spark module won't change anything.
The 120 VAC is supply voltage to the spark module. The spark module uses the 120 VAC and steps it down to DC pulses for the igniters.
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