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FIXED VDSC3054BSS Viking Range Top Not Lighting, Not Clicking

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Just to review, I put my voltmeter probes on L2 and N, based on the wiring diagram, on the spark module, confirmed that I had power to the range and turned on each one of the knobs individually and them turned them off( I had shut the gas supply off, of course). I saw no change in voltage AC when turning the knobs on. Please confirm that you think I tested L2 and N correctly. So if I am not getting 120 VAC across the L2 and N, what are the other possible causes of getting no spark to any of the four burners? Thanks
You need to find out where your losing the voltage. In the wiring diagram you posted, it comes from the main power supply.
Hi Rick,

Just to follow up on this problem, which is still not solved. After doing some digging, it turns out I only have one spark module. I found the original wiring diagram inside the front panel when I took the panel off to look for any loose wires and connections. The wiring diagram was for both a 30 inch and 36 inch. I have a 30 inch with 4 burners, so only one spark module.

I again tested L2 to Neutral with the needle tip of my voltmeter in the spade connector for L2 and neutral. I turned off the gas supply and turned on and off each valve knob and there was no voltage across the L2 to neutral with any of the four knobs. To recreate the scenario when I can light the burners with the oven on, I turned on the oven thermostat to 350 degrees and then turned the valve knobs on and voila, 120 VAC across L2 to N. Every knob turned on resulted in voltage. With the thermostat off, no voltage across L2 to N.

So I have questions. It looks like by the wiring diagram, shows a direct connection between L2 and the spark module, so why does turning the thermostat on result in voltage to the spark module? Is my oven and broiler not working a second unrelated problem, as the wiring diagram suggests the range electronics are very much separated from the oven?

So the issue has been resolved. It turns out when I pulled the unit away from the wall, the three prong plug was only half way in to the 240 socket. It was getting some power but it explains why L2 was not getting any voltage. I pushed the plug all the way in and all the burners ignited, and all the functions of the oven worked: bake, broil, convection etc. The only thing not working is the red light between the oven selector and thermostat. Not sure if that burned out. There was no way to tell if the plug was in the socket because it was up off the floor and I could not see it with the unit in place. Thanks for your help in answering the questions.
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