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VGIC305-4BSS VIKING Factory service manual please? Doing a complete refurb


Jan 7, 2017
Model Number
Hello and thank you in advance for your help in a project my wife thinks I'm crazy for doing..

I have begun a tear down to do a refurb on this stove. It's in good shape other than the friggin mouse poop I discovered in the burner box area. I have to replace the insulation between top of the oven and the burner box as the mice urinated in the corners which have a hole/opening - the insulation is ruined. Nasty....

I've scoured the web and can't get the specific service manual . The stove is discontinued (Mfgr date - 1999 ) and I can only find manuals that are "similar". I don't know what the "I" stands for in VGIC. I'm assuming model means "Viking Gas Infrared Convection". I've seen "VGSC" manuals, but that unit is a "Viking Gas Self Cleaning" . I know it may be "close enough" but I'd still like to have the exact one if it all possible.

Thanks, Bob

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