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VGSC3676BSS Viking range ignition issues


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Jan 4, 2018
Port Murray, NJ
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I just had a service call for a friend's 10 year old Viking range. Photo of the range top: https://imgur.com/HPNUhcj.jpg

The main reason for the service was that the piezo ignition only works for the left rear burner. Secondary issue is the ignition continues to click even after the burners are lit.

He came out and wire brushed the igniters and took the burners apart.

Almost $200 later ($75 for the service call, $105 hourly rate) he was able to get two burners to ignite, and said we should replace all 6 complete burner assemblies because of corrosion, and becuase he has to cut them off to take the range top off, so we might as well replace them all. At a total cost of around $1000.

So I'd like a second opinion, but I'm loath to get another repair person in here. I'm pretty handy and comfortable with electonics, so if you've got recommendations for me, I'll give it a go.

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