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VGSS300-4BDSS Viking Stovetop Ignitor Issue - stumped.


Jun 10, 2018
Shreveport, LA
Model Number
Background: We bought a house with an older Viking, which my wife loves. One burner (#2) has never ignited, although the gas flows fine and can be lit with a match. Recently the other 3 burners all stopped working at the same time - no spark, but can be lit with a match, which is what we've been doing. Oven works fine.

So all 4 burners get gas flow and can be lit manually, but ignitors do not produce spark. Oven works fine and ignites on it's own. Oven light works.

I assumed it was the spark module, and foolishly ordered one before doing more diagnostics.

Opened it and installed the new module, and could only get one "pop" of spark. Resetting the breaker would sometimes produce one more pop, and sometimes not.

We tested both the modules, and both have:

Power from all switches to the module.
Continuity from the module to the ignitors.
No ground faults on any connections.

I am stumped, because as far as I know, that means it should produce spark. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Here's the service manual for your model: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9vtralbdel4zckv/viking_free_standing_gas_range.pdf?dl=0

Look on Page 32, it shows you what parts to check that would cause this problem, basically it comes down to the spark module, the burner spark igniters, and the burner switches, and the wiring to all those parts.

If each burner is clicking when you turn it on, we can eliminate the burner switches.


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