Viking range VGIC485GQ New Igniter won’t stop - I’ve checked everything!


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Mar 31, 2019
Los angeles
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We have an older Viking range. VGIC485GQ. It has 4 burners and a griddle and a grill. The right side pair of burners and grill use the same igniter module and the left pair of burners have the same module.

The right side burners stopped igniting. They would sometimes emit a weak spark or none. So I bought a new Viking module (pa020041) It is a newer module that has replaced the old one.

I installed and all of the 3 igniters are firing but it won’t stop. If I ignite the two burners, after 2-10 seconds it stops igniting. But starts again if I shut one off.

I made sure that on the module, input one and output one go to the same igniter (the outputs are reverse order of the original one).

There are 4 inputs and outputs. One input is open. The corresponding output is grounded.

I have taken apart everything and cleaned every ground path and even run extra grounds to make sure they are good.

I have inspected and checked every wire for breaks or shorts and they are all checking fine.

I actually exchanged the igniter because I could come up with no other explanation and am having the same issue.

Maybe I have the wrong igniter module??

I can’t think of any other possible explanation.
Please help!!