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Viking Side-by-Side Unit Identification Help (Water Filter replacement)


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Jan 7, 2020
Chicago, IL
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I'm at my wit's end over here. I am simply trying to replace the water filter for my Viking Side-by-Side refrigerator unit. For some reason, a previous tenant must've taken the serial/model tag off the unit because it is nowhere to be found inside or outside of the fridge or freezer. I've emptied out the entire unit, taken out the drawers/shelves, etc - to no avail. There is no way for me to identify the unit. I believe it is a 2006 model. I found some wire casing on top of the unit that had a tag on it saying Continuity Test with a date of 7/21/06 on it. The apartment building was built in 2007, so I am assuming this is a 2005 or 2006 model.

My landlord sent over some replacement filters, but the threading did not match my model. I don't want to order additional replacement filters only to run into the same issue, so I am hoping someone here can help me identify the model or at least which filter I should purchase. I've contacted Viking already and they are (slowly) looking into it. My wife just gave birth to our first child and is pretty frustrated with our lack of ice and filtered water. Bad timing!

Anyway, here is a link to an album containing photos of the unit. Just eyeballing the receiving area in the unit (photo in the first link), I'm hoping that this filter will do the trick, but I searched all of the compatible models listed and none of them matches my unit. Maybe its because its an older unit ~2006?

If anyone recognizes the unit or can point me in the direction of a website, or even a 2006-ish product catalog from Viking, hopefully I can determine the correct filter. Happy wife, happy life!
How about posting a picture of the existing water filter (hopefully pics showing any/all numbering on it)?

This is the current replacement water filter for the one mentioned in that owner's manual (RWFFR-750).

LINK > Replacement for filter RWFFR-750

Hopefully your fridge uses that same one although the dealer linked above has a very good return policy and it should be no problem returning if it wasn't correct.

Dan O.

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Thanks Dan. Forgot to mention that I'm an idiot and threw out the old one once new ones - that didnt fit - arrived. I just ordered the one you linked. Will report back if it works.

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