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Viking VCBB363 Thermistor(s) location- alarm sound


Jul 31, 2023
west coast
Model Number
More than 10 years
I have a Viking VCBB363RSS that I bought used and has been working great for 5 years now. The fridge is at about 42F and the Freezer is at 5F. A few days ago an alarm sound started beeping from the top portion of the fridge and pushed the 'alarm off' button. It has been about a day and a half since the fridge has not made any sounds. The temperatures above are holding up.

I have searched the web for maintenance/cleanup suggestions as well as locations of the thermistors in case that I need to replace any should the time come. So can anyone recommend a good resource on:
1. cleaning/maintaining the critical parts of this fridge? I can get to the top panel and see lots of dust in the coils and electronics. This is a huge fridge that I hope I don't have to move away from the wall. Are there components that need TLC that are accessed through the back?
2. Cannot for the life of me find any resources on the number and location of the thermistors. Can anyone please share any resources on the number, location and hopefully instrux on how to replace the thermistors? I found one thermistor (C8983701 THERMISTOR) listed for this fridge though I don't know if this is the only one, only for the freezer or only for the fridge.

Any help is most appreciated!

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