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Viking VDW302SS not draining


May 27, 2020
Model Number
1-5 years
Less than 2 year old Viking dishwasher will not drain. Functions work until it comes to draining the unit. I am somewhat mechanically inclined, as well as interested in these things so I have dove into the repair myself. I first ensured the garbage disposal connection was free and clear of blockage, which it is. My next thought was the drain motor. I removed the entire unit and set it up on a workstation in the garage. I plugged in the unt and ran a drain funtion, and could hear the motor trying to work, but no draining (i place a bit of water in the tub to test. I went ahead a removed the drain motor to inspect it and check for blockage. I cannot find any blockage in the drain housing, and the motor seems to be working fine.

The next and only thing I can think of is a clog somewhere in the drain line. After removing the line from the motor, I cannot blow through the hose at all. The hose doesn't directly exit out of the rear of the dishwasher. Rather it has a connection to another hose which travels up the left side of the unit, and another hose comes back down which ultimately connect to the disposal.

Could this be where there is a clog? Is it some some sort of built in air gap? I cannot blow through this at all, but getting to the side of this unit would require a lot more than just a few screws.
Lastly, I have tried to find a parts diagram about this unit, but there doesn't seem to be anything about Viking dishwashers made in the last decade.

Any advice/help is much appreciated.

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