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Viking VUAR140D Under Counter Beverage Refrigerator


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May 7, 2015
United States
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1-5 years

Model: Viking VUAR140D Beverage Refrigerator

My refrigerator has just started freezing all my drinks. So, normally in the past with my beverage refrigerators it has always been the thermostat module (PW240028 (Viking) Refrigerator Thermostat Control Kit). I replaced it and seems to still be the same problem, even at the lowest setting "1", it is showing 32-34 degrees. I checked the fan, runs fine, there is no dust buildup on the coils. What else should I be trying to find causing this low temperature.

Best Regards, JR

** Model number corrected **
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What else should I be trying to find causing this low temperature.

It could be the sensor (aka thermister) or where that sensor is mounted is not getting as cold as it should to trip the control.

Is the sensor attached directly onto the evaporator and is that evaporator frosting evenly across its whole surface, even where the sensor is mounted?

Dan O.
It looks like the evaporator is frosting evenly across the entire surface. The thermister is mounted on the back of the evaporator and no additional frost build up at that point. I also do not see any frost build up around any part of the feeds showing a possible leakage?

Thank you
Maybe but I don't know what those readings should be.

There might be a temperate/resistance chart on the machine's wiring diagram otherwise you'd need to try to find a service manual or contact Viking to see if they can tell you.

Dan O.

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