Vintage 1940s GE fridge running too cold


Aug 1, 2022
Granville, ny
Model Number
Hi everyone, I recently purchased what I believe to be a 1940s (1930s?) GE Fridge. We replaced the power cord as it was broken.

The first week we had it, the fridge was running a good temp although the freezer wouldn't keep things frozen, (that was okay with us). Now a few weeks later the fridge is on overdrive and is freezing everything we put in it. The super freezer is also coated with ice crystals. I think it's the thermostat, but I'm not sure about how to go about the repair, or what to look for. Could it be that the knob just needs some WD-40? (It's been stiffer to turn, and won't turn off now)

There was also a note in the fridge from the previous owner that said to keep the thermostat on D or else everything gets too cold, so I figure this is / has been maybe a longer term problem.

I've been reaching out locally, but am into DIY and if I could find the part would be up for trying to fix it. Where would the model number be located?
I'm attaching some pics incase anyone has experience specifically with this kind of fridge.

We really love it and want to keep it if possible! Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.


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