Vintage GE Refrigerator ID and body part needed


Jun 18, 2022
Marietta, GA
Model Number
Hi folks! I’m new to the forum but loving the treasure trove of info here on all the vintage appliances. I appreciate all the contributors who know much more than me as I approach restoring mine.

I need help identifying the year and model of my fridge. I also need to locate or have made the bottom kick panel on the front face. It was gone when I bought the unit.

Years ago I paid $75 for this one. The guy had converted it to a kegerator via a hole and tap on the side. He gave the fridge, me all the kegerator parts, and an empty keg. It’s in great working order and stays ice cold. It will even freeze the beer lines if not careful.

I plan to restore the unit to original condition and will likely fill in the kegerator tap hole and convert it to a regular fridge for my favorite canned and bottled beverages.

I have been scouring the internet and cannot find a front panel. About to start calling some restoration companies. I also cannot locate an ID tag or serial # on the unit. I’d appreciate any help here.

I’m currently defrosting the fridge and drying it out in prep for starting the project. I’ll be searching/looking at all the build pages on this site for advice. Thanks in advance for any info!



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Old Fridge Guy

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May 5, 2021
This is a very late 40s/early 50s model. The data plate should be near the compressor. The model number will be shown as "Type" on the data plate. Hopefully you have the shelves and bins for it. Usually the best way to get these parts is to get a second "junk" refrigerator and take the parts you need for yours. Parts do pop up on Ebay every now and then. But the parts are not, to my knowledge, being reproduced by anyone. With the full width freezer this would have been an upper level model. Just under the big two door "Combination" line of refrigerators. Good luck with your restoration project!!
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